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      The purpose of life is value fulfillment: to place value on experiencing a particular event or condition, then experiencing it. In my case, being creative and clever seems to provide much of the reward that keeps me going, and you will find a lot of that work here: books, music, art, philosophy, inventions, etc., the whole spectrum of creative thought and expression. This website has been here since 1995, yet it required every decision you have ever made over the course of your entire lifetime for you to end up looking at this website right now. That's pretty darned trippy to think about, but it also applies to everything else in your experience. I sincerely hope you find something here that brightens your day :)
      Thanks for visiting!

Changing the World Rational Spirituality Psychic Party Games Word Art
Clicking the image above will take you to TheDreamers.org where you can view the entire book online. It contains policy suggestions for the 99% of us who are unhappy with how the 1% is running society. If you have always wanted to change the world but didn't know what to do, this little book may be a good place to start.

Rational Spirituality anyalzes the nature of spiritual and psychic phenomena in a very objective way. This book required more than 5 years of serious effort to complete, includes instructions which enable essentially anyone to experience some forms of psychic perception in just minutes, and provides an alternative to irrational religious concepts. It can change your life.

Psychic Party Games is a chapter from Rational Spirituality which provides a number of psychic games that can be played at parties. These include Visual Telepathy, Telekinesis, Psychic Touch Dancing, Instructions for holding a seance and much more. Believers and skeptics alike will be blown away by proof of psychic phenomea which most people can achieve very quickly -- no previous experience required!
Word Art is a collection of poetry, song lyrics, short fiction and artwork created between 1973 and 2006. The printed version is a large format (8 1/2" x 11") paperback but it is also available as a Kindle ebook which can be viewed on most devices. Nearly all the material is presented in the various sections of this site. You can check out the table of contents to see what the book contains at amazon.com.

Acoustic Page Psychic Trance Fur Page Huh? Page Movie Music Page
sample: "Just Because"

The Early Years is a collection of my acoustic guitar ballads and instrumental demos recorded between 1975-1998. The last song, "Out There," was sung by Kirsten Arce-Loretta and is the most professional sounding recording in this pile. I've been focusing more on electronic music over the last few years, but people seem to perfer the acoustic stuff because they like the lyrics.

sample: "Hike Like a Tree"

The Head CD by Psychic Trance Fur is spacey, psychedelic synth and guitar stuff done with Darren Weight. About half the album is instrumental. It starts out sorta weird but is actually a great album to chill to. (A bonus track, "Someday" is included here.)

sample: "Work"

Darren and I started out calling our 2-person band "Huh?" and I later collected a lot of our weird and silly rock oriented stuff together to create the What the Huh? album. If you like fun, high energy music or stuff that is a little "off the wall" you might like some of this.

sample: "Surfing Auroras"

It seems odd in a way, but the music I like to listen to most is some of my instrumental Movie Music. (Much of my music is available under license from the Pump Audio music library.) Four of these songs have been turned into ringtones and everytime I hear one I want to listen to the rest of the song.

I first created the art gallery many years ago when small file sizes were important so the images aren't all that big. These were all made with Photoshop, with me often starting with images of naked women which I manipulated into oblivion :) If you look carefully you can often find breasts in images where that seems completely unlikely, but they won't always be there. Trying to spot them can be an entertaining game.

Larger images. along with desert photography shots, can be found at the PsyCom Art site. Prints are available in various sizes and formats, though now that I live in a rural part of Hawaii getting them made may take a while. If you see something you like just send me an email.

I have already mentioned Audio Animation -- animated, 3-dimensional images made entirely of sound which occur in every direction around you at once. There is an article on that here, as well as pages describing my efforts to make an "anti-gravity" (inertial propulsion) machine, a way to break water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen gas with (hopefully) enough efficiency to enable cars (and everything else) to run on water, and other less radical ideas.
There is all kinds of stuff in this section. 7 videos include one describing Audio Animation, a promotional video for the Rational Spirituality book, a video about Visual Telepathy, plus a few music related videos. Various writing projects include 2 short stories and nine pomes, lyrics to many of my songs, plus a screenplay called DreamMaster. There is a link to The Dreamers website where I present my solutions for our socioeconomic problems. The astrological compatibility dating site, astro-dating.com, is currently broken but I will get it fixed one of these days. There are also links where you can download lucid dream induction recordings and desktop wallpaper of the background image here, Infinite Images, free. The "More Stuff" index page needs to be updated so I am providing links below for all that stuff right now.
Astro-Dating.com (website)
When this site launches you will be able to search by astrological compatibility and use the Astro-Grid® to see compatibility scores and personalized interpretations in dozens of different areas of compatibility, print free 8-12 page compatibility reports, and more. Compare your astrological compatibility with celebrities FREE.
Astro-Grid.com (website)
Uses the Astro-Grid® to display scores and generate astrological compatibility reports for any two people you have birth information for. Print as many compatibility reports as you like in 30 days for $24.95 - the price of a single report elsewhere.
Art Gallery
About 50, often erotic images created with Photoshop. Also links to a page of numerous art techniques I have devised.
PsyCom Art (website)
Mostly the best images from the art gallery here (with larger online images) and desert photos, available as prints on photo enlargement paper up to 20"x30" or larger prints on canvas or vinyl. I have also included artwork by other Utah artists there.
Theoretical Inventions
     Audio Animation: Animated, 3-dimensional images you "see with your ears."
     "Anti-gravity" (Inertial Propulsion): Using centrifugal force to propel a vehicle through space. (Also described in the DreamMaster screenplay.)
     Water Fueled Motors: Using pulses of low voltage electricity and ultrasonic vibrations to separate the hydrogen and oxygen in water to fuel an internal combustion engine.
     3-D TV Using lasers at half the frequency of visible light to project 3-dimensional television and video game images in empty space.

     Rational Spirituality || Audio Animation
     Surfing Auroras || Visual Telepathy
     Koda's Art and Music
     Huh? performing "Another Night Without You"
     The Road is My Home (acoustic guitar ballad)
There ARE solutions to all the socioeconomic problems in the world. Like anything else, if something is broken you simply find the problem and fix it. The solutions involve applying reason, freedom, opportunity and fairness. I created The Dreamers to explain how to do that.
DreamMaster (screenplay) (THIS LINK DOWNLOADS A PDF FILE)
A would-be rock star in 1976 finds himself in the body of a sexy young blond girl in 1883 and gets caught up in a war where the two sides battle in steam powered spaceships.
Short Fiction
     "White", a tragically brief romantic encounter.
     "The Quiet Shareholder" has something to say about the manipulations of big business.
A few of my best poems.
Song Lyrics
Lyrics for roughly 30 songs, including some songs which haven't been released yet.
Lucid Dream Induction Recordings
Mp3 files you can assemble to cause a tone that will remind you to become aware of dreaming while asleep.
"Infinite Images" desktop image (wallpaper)
Portions of an image full of hidden faces, etc., sized to fit your computer desktop. (Scroll below to view a sample used as the background here. If you flip the image upside-down you will see a completely new set of faces in the same space.)

Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy your time here :)
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